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Berlin vehicle registration service – Vehicle registration, cancellation and re-registration by professionals

Unfortunately, waiting in a long queue is usually normal around Berlin offices, and it is not unusual for appointments to be available for weeks at a time – and then perhaps at times that doesn’t really suit you. These and other difficulties with registration or deregistration of your vehicle cost nerves, time and with this, of course, money. Berlin is authorized by the authorities to handle all matters relating to registration, deregistration and re-registration of your vehicle for you – rely on an established service provider, planning reliability and top conditions!


Vehicle registration service Berlin & Brandenburg

We offer our service on top conditions for car registration, vehicle re-registration, or the car deregistration.

Hotline: 030 2352 55 55 (Mo.-Sa. 09:00am to 08:00pm)

You have the opportunity to place an online order by us for your vehicle registration in Berlin or Brandenburg.
You can request the service outside the telephone and office hours. In any case, you will be informed by us about the receipt of a new order.


registration service online – 24h

    Berlin registration service stores

    You also have the option of passing your vehicle records near you to one of our Berlin car registration service drop-off stores.

    Hotline: 030 2352 55 55   (Mo.-Sa. 09:00am to 08:00pm)

    We offer optional pick-up and drop-off service for entire area of Berlin.


    All Berlin registration service stores:

    Click on the link …

    Registration of vehicles

    Berlin vehicle registration service offers the registration of vehicles from Berlin/registration of vehicles from other states/registration of vehicles from abroad


    Creation of desired license plate

    Creation of the old – timer license plate (H license plate)/creation of green license plates (tax – free)/creation of seasonal license plates. Berlin registration service offers everything on one place.


    Application for short-term license plate

    Application for a short-term license plate (5-day license plate)/application for a desired license plate/advice for license plate transport


    Apply for address and name changes

    Application for address and name changes/replacement after loss of license plate or theft/technical entries and changes


    You arrange an appointment to pick up your documents with us, or you come to one of our stores.


    We process your documents in advance and then submit them to the respective vehicle registration office.


    If your documents have been successfully completed by the vehicle registration office, we will contact you.

    You can find all documents here.

    Click on the link …


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