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You will find great offers with even better service at “Kfz Zulassungsservice” Berlin vehicle registration offices. Important! All of our prices include 19% VAT. Other motor vehicle service providers in Berlin are used to add the tax on top of their price. If you have questions send us a message or call:

Hotline: 030 2352 55 55   (Mo.-Fr. 09:00am to 08:00pm)

  • Service fee

    Service fee per operation 26,00 €

  • Store fee

    You’ll find an overview of the delivery stores and opening hours here. Store fee is 10,00€

  • License plates

    A pair of license plates or desired license plates 30,00 €

  • Safe Transport

    Safe transport of carpapers  15,00 €

  • Decommission

    Decommissioning of a vehicle costs 22,00 €

  • Bank letter o. Foreign papers

    Transactions with a bank letter or foreign papers generate longer waiting times and will be charged additionally: 9,80 €
    (Rides between the individual registration offices)

  • Repeat process

    Repeat of the process (caused by the customer) e.g. by: wrong / invalid eVB numbers, tax u. Fee arrears, invalid documents etc. costs additional 9,80 €

  • Additional fees

    Additional trips, caused by the customer will be charged with: 9,80 €  

  • Additional trips

    Additional trips, caused by the customer will be charged with: 9,80 €  

  • Problem case surcharges

    The surcharge for problem cases e.g. Forced closures / lost papers or similar amounts to 9,80 € – We allow it – The top car registration service Berlin

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